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Experienced professionals providing the finest bathtub refinishing service in the state of South Carolina for over 25 years.



CLEMTEC REFINISHING is dedicated to the refinishing and refurbishing services on a commercial and residential scale. We are prepared to come into your home or business and help you with the repair while also changing the look of your kitchen countertops, bathtubs, bathroom vanities, surround tile walls, sinks, cabinets, furniture, golfcarts, hot tubs and more.

Don't Replace, Resurface!



There are shortcuts that can be taken to keep the price down that the customer would not be aware of until it’s to late, such as using inferior materials or spraying over an old

reglazing job and not stripping it and doing the job right.


The difference between us and our competition is professionalism. We use the most durable material available to a professional reglazer which is an expensive 12 hour cure time This material is only sold to trained professional refinishers and It’s not an inexpensive 1-step epoxy finish which the lowest bid companies are using. This material is not sold from a hardware store.


Price is an important factor for potential customers, so We have given some pointers in helping you make a decision. Not everyone uses the same materials. If a company is offering a 2-3 year warranty, chances are they are using inferior materials. Our warranty is 10 Years so you choose what you want, and know when you call us you will get what you pay for.

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Brad Clemons

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I am Brad Clemons from Clemtec Refinishing. A family business that has been around for over 30 years. My father passed down the family painting business to me. He also passed down his knowledge of the business. He taught me how to treat the customer like family. The hard work you do always pays off at the end. You see the expression of gratitude of the client after the final result.